do@ iPhone App

do@ (iTunes link, website) delivers the top web apps from the best publishers most suited to answer users’ questions, instead of the standard solution of links as search results.

ICQ Website

I was proud to be invited by ICQ to be a member of the team redesigning the ICQ’s website.
The Gifts Project

The Gifts Project Website + Facebook application

I'm Head of User Experience at The Gifts Project, a social eCommerce platform for Group Gifts that helps online retailers to leverage their shoppers’ social buying experience. Illustrations by Miki Mottes.

Daps'em iPhone App

Daps'em is an iPhone app to show your appreciation to your friends.
The project included iPhone app design and a website.

SendSpace Website

SendSpace is a service that lets you send big files in an easy, enjoyable way. Illustrations by Miki Mottes.

Atera Website

Atera’s AlphaControl is a free platform designed for simplifying the management of multiple SMB networks. Illustrations by Miki Mottes.

Poxi iPhone App (Hebrew)

Poxi is an iPhone app designed to help you discover great places and friends around you. The project included iPhone app design (iTunes) and a website.

iamnews Website (service closed)

iamnews was an open newsroom platform - a tool for publishers to crowdsource news content and a place for contributors to get exposure. The service, sadly, is now closed. RIP.
Communit Website is a social CRM for online SMB’s that lets you manage the relationships with your online community members.

SimilarWeb Brwoser Add-On GUI + Website

GUI and website design for SimilarWeb, a browser add-on and a web service that help you find Similar Sites and related content while you surf.

SupersonicAds Website

SupersonicAds proides virtual currency monetization for online games, virtual worlds and social networks. Illustration by Miki Mottes.
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